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Take Five and Hear Your Child Thrive!

By Hearing First TeamMarch 13, 2018

LSL Day by Day | LSL outcomes, daily routines, parent advice, LSL strategies, LSL techniques

When it comes to your child on the LSL journey, the first five minutes of the day can be the most crucial to helping them learn to listen and talk, setting them up for success towards their listening, talking and reading potential. Learn more about Take Five and how you can implement it in your daily routine.

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Hearing First Ask Me Anything with Lydia Denworth

By Hearing First TeamFebruary 22, 2018

Celebrate LSL, "Hearing First" | LSL journey, LSL story, LSL plan, LSL strategies, Children With Hearing Loss, daily routines, listening and spoken language

Watch the Facebook Live “Ask Me Anything” video featuring Hearing First CEO Dr. Teresa Caraway and author, journalist and LSL mom, Lydia Denworth, as they discuss Lydia’s hearing loss story with her son Alex, and the science behind how the brain uses sound for early speech and language development.

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Join Hearing First to share how you #LiveLoveLSL on your LSL Journey.

Live Love LSL 2018

By Hearing First TeamFebruary 1, 2018

Celebrate LSL | Celebrate LSL, #LiveLoveLSL, share LSL

February can be associated with a lot of things: hearts, roses, and chocolates of course. But there’s one aspect of February that can make the month special for the families and professionals helping children who are deaf or hard of hearing learn to listen and talk: Hearing First’s yearly Live Love LSL campaign! Read below to join us in celebrating the joys that Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) can bring, and learn how you can help spread awareness of all the possibilities for positive LSL outcomes.

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18 Goals for LSL Professionals in 2018

By Hearing First TeamJanuary 29, 2018

LSL Intervention Practice, Connected Learning | community of practice, professional perspective, professional learning community, professional advice

Setting significant personal and professional goals enable us to continue growing as LSL practitioners. Read the 18 goal suggestions we’re encouraging for LSL professionals to implement for professional and personal growth in 2018!

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Get Growing! 18 LSL Goals for Parents in 2018

By Hearing First TeamJanuary 26, 2018

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, daily routines

It’s a brand new year and a great reminder that this could be your best year yet as a parent on the LSL journey! Planning and setting goals for the new year not only provides you with an intentional road map for listening, talking and learning opportunities, but it helps you reflect along the way and keep the big picture in mind. Read below for a detailed list of the 18 goals we invite you to set for yourself to help your child with hearing loss reach their full listening and spoken language potential in 2018!

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Growing Listening, Language and Literacy Skills: Tips for LSL Interventionists eBook

By Hearing First TeamJanuary 16, 2018

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, professional advice

Learn practical tips to make reading exciting, engaging, and relevant for children who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families by downloading our free eBook, Growing Listening, Language and Literacy Skills: Tips for LSL Interventionists. Read below to learn how!

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How to Practice Daily Listening Checks with Ling Six Sounds

By Hearing First TeamJanuary 10, 2018

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, parent advice

You might’ve read articles about it, heard your early interventionist explain it or seen a video example showing it, but what exactly is a listening check and why is it important? Read below to learn about listening checks and how you can practice them with your baby with hearing loss!

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Turning Holiday Moments into Learning Experiences

By Hearing First TeamDecember 19, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL by the season, LSL outcomes

Cheer ye, hear ye! During this holiday season make the most out of your child’s listening, learning and language potential through the discussions you have before, during and after your favorite activities. Learn more below.

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Making Learning Opportunities Out of Unplanned Moments

By Hearing First TeamDecember 5, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes

Ever feel like the unplanned moments of your (LSL) journey aren’t moving the needle or helping create strategic growth for your child with hearing loss? Learn why the unexpected situations or challenges we encounter can actually make for the best learning and sharing opportunities on the LSL journey.

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Fall into LSL Learning

By Hearing First TeamOctober 19, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL by the season, LSL outcomes

As a parent, you have all the language you need to help your child with hearing loss gain listening, talking and literacy skills to reach the 40 million word goal. Here are some strategic, fall-themed tips for sharing conversation and making the most out of language in your day-to-day LSL adventures.

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