How to Find Fellow Friends on the LSL Journey

By Hearing First Team August 23, 2017

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Embarking on the LSL journey with your child who is deaf or hard of hearing can be challenging at times. Learn how to build your community of support and specifically, find friends who are also on the LSL journey!

As the parent of a baby with hearing loss, you may find yourself feeling alone and isolated. You may want to connect with others who can share their experiences and who understand your LSL goals. You may have never met anyone with hearing loss and you probably have a lot of questions.

How do I explain this journey to my family and friends?
Who can I ask for tips and advice about raising a child with hearing loss?
Does anyone understand what I’m going through?

In addition to working with professionals who guide and coach you in early intervention, one of the most important steps you’ll take for your LSL learner is building a community of support. While your local community of support may include members from your extended family, close friends, or your faith community, it’s also great to expand your community of support to include parents, extended families and friends of children with hearing loss. That’s where the Hearing First Family Support Community comes in!

There’s Strength in Numbers

In the Hearing First Family Support Community, families on the LSL journey are able to walk alongside and share with other parents, caregivers, friends, and families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. You can find the connections, support and strategies you need to help your child succeed.

But let’s be real and transparent for a second. Sometimes when you’re new to a community, with the vast amounts of resources and members to help, it can seem a little overwhelming if you don’t know any of the members or their stories. There’s that feeling that you’re on the outside looking in. That’s why we’ve taken the guess work out of connecting with families who you can help or who can help you along your journey to teach your child with hearing loss to listen and talk! Here’s how:

How to Find Fellow Friends on the LSL Journey

LSL Friend Finder

Once you join the Family Support Community, you have the opportunity to immediately find members like you with our LSL Friend Finder tool. Simply fill out your profile with your background, interests and needs and get ready to make connections with others in the community in five minutes or less!

How to Find Fellow Friends on the LSL Journey

Join the Family Support Community today to build your community of support and find immediate connections to help you on your LSL journey. There’s power in community!

Connected Learning | LSL journey, LSL story, parent support, parent advice, Celebrate LSL

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