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Making Learning Opportunities Out of Unplanned Moments

By Hearing First TeamDecember 5, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes

Ever feel like the unplanned moments of your (LSL) journey aren’t moving the needle or helping create strategic growth for your child with hearing loss? Learn why the unexpected situations or challenges we encounter can actually make for the best learning and sharing opportunities on the LSL journey.

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Fall into LSL Learning

By Hearing First TeamOctober 19, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL by the season, LSL outcomes

As a parent, you have all the language you need to help your child with hearing loss gain listening, talking and literacy skills to reach the 40 million word goal. Here are some strategic, fall-themed tips for sharing conversation and making the most out of language in your day-to-day LSL adventures.

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Celebrating Turning Terrific Two!

By Hearing First TeamOctober 5, 2017

LSL Day by Day, "Hearing First" | LSL journey, Celebrate LSL, early brain development

Hearing First is turning two this month, and we’re feeling the same growth and developmental milestones that most two-year-olds experience in this character-defining time. Read along to learn about the often forgotten positives of the “Terrific Twos” and how our organization can relate to these characteristics!

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Falling Into Conversations

By Hearing First TeamSeptember 27, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL outcomes, LSL strategies, parent advice

One of the ways parents can help their children develop ToM is to practice having conversations with intentional ‘thinking and feeling’ language that build emotional connections and understanding. Read on for a full list of conversation starters and suggestions for how to use them!

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Theory of Mind: What It Is and How Your Child Can Develop It

By Hearing First TeamSeptember 21, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL outcomes, LSL strategies, parent advice

What are your thoughts about thinking? If your child is deaf or hard of hearing, it’s important to incorporate language about thinking and feeling into your routines and conversations to teach something called Theory of Mind (ToM). Learn why it’s important to teach the ToM process to your child with hearing loss and how to support development from day one!

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Moving Through the Milestones

By Hearing First TeamSeptember 14, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL journey, LSL outcomes, parent advice

While children grow and develop at different rates, most pass through an identifiable skill “set” along the way. These skills, better known as developmental milestones, build on each other, from simple to complex, during predictable time periods. If your child has a hearing loss, you can hold high expectations for them to reach milestones on par with their hearing peers but you’ll want to closely monitor their progress. Learn about why it’s important to know the developmental milestones for children and how you can get started:

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A Payoff Beyond Words - Grandparents on the LSL Journey

By Hearing First TeamSeptember 7, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL journey, LSL outcomes, parent support

Read the story of a grandparent of a child with hearing loss and how she is finding her place on the LSL journey alongside her grandson!

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What’s a Hearing First Learning Experience?

By Hearing First TeamAugust 31, 2017

Connected Learning, News & Events | connected learning, professional learning community, connected learner, learning community, parent support

Coming up later this year, Hearing First will launch an array of interactive online learning experiences where members of the Hearing First Communities can engage to advance their knowledge, increase their understanding and connect with fellow learners along the way. Learn more below!

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How to Find Fellow Friends on the LSL Journey

By Hearing First TeamAugust 23, 2017

Connected Learning | LSL journey, LSL story, parent support, parent advice

Embarking on the LSL journey with your child who is deaf or hard of hearing can be challenging at times. Learn how to build your community of support and specifically, find friends who are also on the LSL journey!

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Connecting the Dots Between Basic Brain Biology and Literacy

By Hearing First TeamAugust 17, 2017

News & Events | listening and spoken language, professional perspective, LSL outcomes

Hearing First recently published a white paper breaking down the vast amount of research informing the practices for teaching a child who is deaf or hard of hearing to develop literacy through Listening and Spoken Language (LSL). Hear from Hearing First CEO Teresa Caraway and white paper author Carol Flexer as they discuss why the document was commissioned and what it means for the LSL community. You can also download the document to read the research summary for yourself!

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