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Connecting the Dots Between Basic Brain Biology and Literacy

By Hearing First TeamAugust 17, 2017

News & Events | listening and spoken language, professional perspective, LSL outcomes

Hearing First recently published a white paper breaking down the vast amount of research informing the practices for teaching a child who is deaf or hard of hearing to develop literacy through Listening and Spoken Language (LSL). Hear from Hearing First CEO Teresa Caraway and white paper author Carol Flexer as they discuss why the document was commissioned and what it means for the LSL community. You can also download the document to read the research summary for yourself!

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Tips from the Trenches: Working with Your Child’s School Team

By Hearing First TeamAugust 3, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL plan, parent-professional partnerships, Parent Outcomes

Starting a new school year can feel overwhelming for parents, students and teachers. Here are some tips to help you work with your child’s school to create a smooth school year transition that will set them up for long term success in listening, learning, academic participation and social interaction.

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Team Takeaways: Highlights from the AG Bell Symposium

By Hearing First TeamJuly 26, 2017

Connected Learning, News & Events | professional perspective, professional learning network, professional learning community, community of practice

It’s been almost a month since we returned from the 2017 AG Bell Symposium in Washington DC and we’re still inspired by all the knowledge-sharing and connected learning that took place with other LSL professionals from around the world. Read some of the takeaways and highlights from the Hearing First team members who attended the event!

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Staycations that Lend to Learning

By Hearing First TeamJuly 13, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, daily routines

Staying close to home this summer? Why not plan a staycation? You can make the most out of listening and language right where you are! Read how you can turn your plan into a LSL learning opportunity and download some of our suggested staycation ideas for your family.

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Celebrating Opportunities for Independence on the LSL Journey

By Hearing First TeamJune 30, 2017

Celebrate LSL | Celebrate LSL, Children With Hearing Loss, LSL journey

LSL gives way to a life of independence for children who are deaf or hard of hearing to partake in family stories, learn a musical instrument, go to ballet class with hearing friends, sing along with the radio, as well as other routines, sports, and activities. The little things that we do independently but take for granted can be celebrated as possibilities for children with hearing loss.

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Hear What’s Happening….First!

By Hearing First TeamJune 22, 2017

"Hearing First", News & Events | listening and spoken language, parent advice, professional advice

Bucket lists are great tools for making and following intentional plans. They inspire us, motivate us and keep us on track. Take a look at our Hearing First bucket list and hear what we have coming up this summer!

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Fatherly Feedback: Hearing from Dads on the LSL Journey

By Hearing First TeamJune 15, 2017

Celebrate LSL | LSL story, Parent Outcomes, LSL journey

Let’s celebrate the role that dads play in the lives of their children who are deaf or hard of hearing! Fathers on the LSL journey play a central role in their children’s listening and spoken language development. In May, we asked mothers what goals and dreams they worried their children may never achieve and the moment they realized everything would be okay. This month, our focus is on the specific stories from dads.

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LSL Summer Bucket List

By Hearing First TeamJune 7, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, daily routines

Fun summer adventures can help your child who is deaf or hard of hearing grow and expand their language while making lasting memories. Learn how you can create intentional Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) learning opportunities for your child this summer and download our LSL Bucket List for activity ideas to get you started!

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Talking is a Key to Connection

By Hearing First TeamMay 24, 2017

Celebrate LSL, News & Events | Celebrate LSL, Children With Hearing Loss, Hearing Status, listening and spoken language

This week, we’re focused on guiding your child to use language to communicate their wants and needs. Read on to learn why talking is a key to connection!

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Riddle Me This! Scavenger Hunt Clues for Your LSL Strategy

By Hearing First TeamMay 22, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, early brain development

It may not seem like implementing LSL strategies is all fun and games, but you can include your fair share of entertaining activities into your daily routine to help your child with hearing loss learn to listen and talk. Read along and download our printable age-appropriate LSL scavenger hunt clues you can use to create an engaging game that helps your little learner listen, read, speak and seek!

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