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By Hearing First Team February 23, 2016

Celebrate LSL | LSL journey, listening and spoken language, parent advice, #LiveLoveLSL

Take a look at some inspiring highlights and discoveries from #LiveLoveLSL. We asked the LSL community to share why they live and love listening and spoken language. And they definitely answered! Thanks for sharing your #LiveLoveLSL success!

We’re really feeling the love from #LiveLoveLSL!

Earlier this month, we asked the LSL community to share why they live and love listening and spoken language. And you definitely answered! As February comes to a close, we want to highlight some of the amazing stories that professionals and families have shared with #LiveLoveLSL.

While it was hard to choose just ONE story to feature (because they’re all so inspiring), there was one person’s story that really stood out to us. Her name is Marge Edwards, and she has a pretty unique perspective on LSL. Not only is she a parent on the journey with two children who are deaf or hard of hearing, she’s also a LSLS Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist.

This is Marge’s story:

Feel the love from #LiveLoveLSL! Meet Marge and her family, including her two children with hearing loss.

Meet Marge Edwards, M.S., CCC-SLP, LSLS Cert. AVT. Marge is a great example of a parent who did exactly what it took to reach the best possible outcomes for her two boys who have hearing loss. Her LSL experience even inspired her to achieve certification as a LSLS Certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist.

Thirteen years ago, my husband and I sat in front of an audiologist and absorbed the news that our 4-year-old son had a hearing loss. As we stepped into the new world of hearing aids, speech therapy, and isolation from friends, our second son was born. When Cameron failed his newborn hearing screening and received a diagnosis of moderate to severe hearing loss, we were faced with a whole new set of uncertainties, challenges, and questions about the future for our sons.

We were living in Teton Valley, Idaho, a beautiful rural valley located on the western side of the Teton Mountain Range. Although we had to travel as far as five hours to receive audiology services, we had the support of speech-language pathologists in our community.

In the course of seeking support for our sons (and with an increasing interest in hearing loss and language development), I stumbled across a new master's program at Utah State University focusing on Auditory Learning and Spoken Language for children with hearing loss. I began my master’s program in the Summer of 2008, and under the guidance of Todd Houston, I immersed myself in the world of all things LSL.

I learned VERY quickly that, with adequate parent education and support, children with hearing loss ranging from mild to profound had the potential to develop spoken language equivalent to their hearing peers – Australian and Southern accents included! I also realized that my sons were doing very well in school alongside their hearing peers. All of our hard work had paid off!

When I observed a video of an AVT coaching a parent to work with their child using telepractice, my rural parent past came rushing back and shouted “PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH HEARING LOSS CAN CONNECT WITH LSL PROFESSIONALS AND LEARN LSL STRATEGIES ANYWHERE!”

Since that time I have provided services to families in Idaho and Utah via telepractice, and I have come to realize it’s an optimal way to coach parents to integrate listening and spoken language into all components of daily life.

In 2012, I began the LSLS Certification process of extensive mentorship with two knowledgeable mentors. The invaluable mentorship I received from both mentors enabled me to refine and develop my practice to support an ever-increasing population of parents of children diagnosed with hearing loss, both geographically near and far. In October, I completed the certification process and am now a proud Listening and Spoken Language Specialist, certified Auditory Verbal Therapist (LSLS Cert. AVT).

I am very excited to continue on this road and am so thankful for the families, children, and professionals that have helped me in this process. I look forward to a bright future as a LSLS professional and can’t wait to meet and support new families and professionals on the road ahead!

As a parent, Marge powered the potential of her two children with hearing loss: she did whatever it took to get an early diagnosis, access to sound, and early intervention. As a professional, she uses her experience as a parent to power the potential of other families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

But Marge isn’t the only one who shared her #LiveLoveLSL story. Take a look at all the lovely stories from others in the LSL community:

From The Moog Center for Deaf Education on Twitter:
“#LiveLoveLSL...when a child who is deaf tells you about her favorite sounds.”

From Shannon W. on Facebook:
“I am overwhelmed by the daily miracle of witnessing children grow not only in their language abilities, but also in their friendships and self-advocacy through use of their hearing equipment. #‎LiveLoveLSL‬”

From The Auditory Verbal Center of Wheaton (Lynn A. Wood, Rehab Audiologist) on Facebook:
“One of my dear AV families shared today: Happy hearing birthday Skye Carter! 17 years ago today you heard for the first time ... and the following few weeks as she quickly progressed. Always brings a tear to my eye to watch this. ‪#‎LiveLoveLSL‬ #‎LSLPeeps‬ #HearSayLW”

Read another inspiring #LiveLoveLSL story on the web:
Check out Ashley Garber’s #LiveLoveLSL story on the Listening and Language Connections, LLC blog.

Isn’t that amazing?

This love for LSL is only one of the many reasons we’re sharing #LiveLoveLSL stories. So don’t stop telling yours! Your stories can do so many great things:

  • Increase instances of positive LSL outcomes. Your story could have information that another family or professional may need. Something you discovered on your journey (a piece of advice, a tip, or trick) can be passed on to help someone else.
  • Raise awareness to the general public, including other families and professionals. This can positively impact families in need, who may not even know that LSL can help children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk.
  • Show exactly what it takes to power potential. Getting an early diagnosis, access to sound, and early intervention are three pieces of the LSL puzzle that families need to succeed. And your story is proof that it works.

We invite you to follow Marge’s lead and share how you power potential with LSL every day. Although we’re nearing the end of February, it doesn't mean we should stop sharing! You can still submit your story through our contact form here, or by using the #LiveLoveLSL hashtag on social media.

Professionals, families, and parents are the key to #LiveLoveLSL. Together let’s show how we’re powering potential by living and loving LSL.

Celebrate LSL | LSL journey, listening and spoken language, parent advice, #LiveLoveLSL

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