[Infographic] Learning LSL: Personal Knowledge Mastery Made Easy for LSL Professionals

By Hearing First Team May 12, 2016

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(PKM Series: Part 4 of 4) Adding Personal Knowledge Mastery to your daily life is easier than it seems. Say hello to Nicole, a LSL professional who uses Seek-Sense-Share to improve her practice and achieve her professional development goals.

Once you understand the PKM process and methodology, it’s easy to start adding small pieces of it to your daily behavior.

Welcome to Part 4 of the “Learning LSL” blog series! If you’re just now tuning in, start reading with Part 1: Personal Knowledge Mastery through Seek Sense Share and Part 2: The Theory Behind Personal Knowledge Mastery for LSL

Most of us know the Digital Age and the internet have put loads of great content right at our fingertips. We can find the answer to just about any question or inform any problem we may need to solve. However, this “Digital Age” throws an interesting curveball at us, as all of that information can be a lot to keep up with.

Every day new things are being published on the latest trends and techniques, the newest studies and scientific breakthroughs. We may feel pressured to keep up. It’s easy for those “articles to read” and “things to think about when time allows” to pile up, unread, in our inboxes—meaning we may lose out on a opportunity to actually improve our practice.

The good news is that it’s easier than ever to implement a system to manage the information that comes your way. A system that allows you to embed learning into your daily life means that acquired knowledge can equip and inform your practice—helping you improve outcomes.
Earlier we promised some real life examples of PKM. We’ve illustrated an example of how a parent can manage their knowledge streams in the midst of a pretty busy day. This blog post covers a “day in the life” from a professional perspective. (You can take a look at the family perspective in our last post.)


How can LSL professionals add PKM to their daily life? Let’s see what a day could look like for one LSL interventionist. 

Meet Nicole. 
Nicole is an early interventionist. She works for an agency that provides services to infants and toddlers who are deaf or hard of hearing and their families using listening and spoken language. Nicole provides home-based services, so she spends a lot of time in the car each week driving to appointments. Nicole understands the importance of early brain development and is continually looking for new resources to support parents and their babies.

For Nicole, her day of connected learning starts at 7:00am...


We hope it’s been helpful to see a few different ways that LSL professionals and parents can manage and master their personal knowledge networks. Whether you are a LSL professional or the parent of a child with hearing loss…

  • Twitter is a tool you can use to connect with others who share similar interests in listening, spoken language, literacy and early childhood education.
  • If you find yourself spending a lot of time in the car each day, listening to podcasts can provide opportunities to learn “on the go.”
  • Social bookmarking tools and customized news feeds from online sources can help you organize, manage and keep track of massive amounts of material.
  • Information you gather from online sources can be shared through in-person discussions with work peers, parents, at staff meetings and support groups or via online mediums including social media and personal blogs.
  • In addition to connecting with information, both parents and professionals can connect with mentors online for support, networking and coaching.

Once you understand the process and methodology, it’s easy to start adding small pieces of it to your daily behavior. Eventually, you’ll begin to instinctively use Seek-Sense-Share and PKM in your daily life. At Hearing First, we’re working to make that a whole lot easier for LSL practitioners. We’re creating more opportunities for LSL parents and professionals to connect, learn, collaborate and share their LSL story.  

Using Personal Knowledge Mastery, you can continue your connected learning journey to improve the lives of children with hearing loss.

Connected Learning | LSL journey, connected learning, listening and spoken language, professional advice

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