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By Hearing First Team February 1, 2017

Celebrate LSL | Celebrate LSL, #LiveLoveLSL, share LSL, LSL journey

This February, we’re celebrating the outcomes possible for children who are born deaf or hard of hearing when their families choose the path of Listening and Spoken Language (LSL). Read along to learn how you can share your journey with others, spread LSL awareness and celebrate all the ways you #LiveLoveLSL.

Watching Susie happily twirl next to her friends at her dance recital.
Hearing Mitch join a conversation with his hearing friends in his 5th grade science class.
Cheering Jason on as he calls a play and shoots a jump shot at his neighborhood basketball game.
Dropping Carolyn off at her hearing friend’s house for her very first sleepover.

These are all examples of the outcomes that are possible when parents and professionals are committed to Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) as a way of life for their child who is deaf or hard of hearing. The future has never been brighter for children with hearing loss to develop exceptional spoken language skills! 

The journey of helping a child who is deaf or hard of hearing learn to listen and talk is shared by many caring adults walking side-by-side while guiding and encouraging one another. No matter what your role is on the LSL path, we’re on the road together and each of us is searching, learning and growing. We know twists and turns on the path are guaranteed with very few dull moments in sight, but the opportunities for spoken language, literacy, dreams and lifetime success that LSL creates helps us power through! Join us throughout the month of February as we celebrate the incredible outcomes that are possible for children who are deaf or hard of hearing every day with Listening and Spoken Language (LSL).

What is it?
Let’s celebrate together! We’re rallying the LSL community for a month-long celebration. #LiveLoveLSL is a message we believe encompasses all that families and professionals experience on their LSL journey. Share how you live LSL every day, your win for the day or something you have learned along the way. Share anything that may help spread your love of LSL.

We’re currently gathering stories from families and professionals. We invite you to share your story, and we’ve made it easy to do so.

  1. Share your story with the hashtag #LiveLoveLSL and customize your Facebook profile picture with the LSL message.
  2. Download free #LiveLoveLSL printable wall art and digital wallpapers to use and share. They’re great conversation starters! Download all the FREE resources on the left and start spreading the love of LSL!

There are so many good reasons to help spread the love of Listening and Spoken Language:

  • Make LSL mainstream. This helps get the word out and reach more and more parents who aren’t aware of the benefits of  LSL. Remember, in order for families to choose LSL, they need to know about LSL. 
  • Support LSL families on the journey. Your story may be just the message another family or professional needs to hear to help them maintain their momentum, persevere and feel encouraged. Just knowing that others have experienced the same challenges and learning how they solved those challenges can make a difference. Sharing our stories tells families and professionals they can and will get through it. 
    • Don’t forget! Next month, we’re launching our online Hearing First Family Support Community for you to connect and share takeaways with other families on the LSL journey. Remember, there’s power in community and there’s no reason to go it alone in the digital age! Sign up for updates here.
  • Improve outcomes. All families who choose Listening and Spoken Language outcomes for their child deserve an equal opportunity to receive quality LSL services. There is more for the LSL community to do to make this happen, but for this month, sharing stories is one more step toward improving LSL outcomes. When we work together, we can increase instances of positive LSL outcomes. For LSL families, a big part of this is sharing your experiences with others. For professionals, it’s important to collaborate with colleagues to share knowledge and information.

As we travel the journey together, we invite you to share how LSL can power potential for all children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Give a special shout out and share your first-hand experiences of the LSL life. As you go throughout this month, celebrate the amazing reality that every day children who are born deaf or hard of hearing are learning to listen and talk just like their hearing friends.

Your words are powerful and are the key to helping others #LiveLoveLSL. How do you live and love the LSL way of life?

Celebrate LSL Outcomes & Possibilities

The majority of children diagnosed with hearing loss can and do develop great listening, spoken language, and literacy skills - just like children with normal hearing. #LiveLoveLSL

Meet children with hearing loss speaking for themselves about their hearing devices, their school, and what they love to do!

Celebrate LSL | Celebrate LSL, #LiveLoveLSL, share LSL, LSL journey

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