Celebrating Turning Terrific Two!

By Hearing First Team October 5, 2017

LSL Day by Day, "Hearing First" | LSL journey, early brain development

Hearing First is turning two this month, and we’re feeling the same growth and developmental milestones that most two-year-olds experience in this character-defining time. Read along to learn about the often forgotten positives of the “Terrific Twos” and how our organization can relate to these characteristics!

It’s Hearing First’s 2nd birthday, and we want to thank the families and professionals who have helped to establish a strong foundation of support, connectedness, knowledge and growth for the entire LSL community as we work together to power the potential of children with hearing loss to achieve any possibility. As with any well-nurtured two-year-old, we foresee a bright future of learning, growth and success but also feel the growth and developmental characteristics of this defining age. Sometimes the twos can have a bad reputation and be labeled as “terrible,” but for us, these two years have been full of positive outcomes and opportunities.

For parents of a two-year-old, you experience this age as a time full of growth, new learning, adventure and development for your little one. For Hearing First, our organization is going through similar stages of this age, and we’re excited for all the new experiences ahead. Let’s take a look at some characteristics of the “Terrific Twos” we can look forward to and celebrate with you.

Taking Big Leaps

Two-year-olds are learning and loving the fun and excitement that comes from walking, running and jumping with both feet. They’re leaning into their sense of adventure and the fearlessness of taking the next steps in whatever they’re doing. At Hearing First, we can relate! This defining age of our organization is full of new opportunities to expand, grow and try new things. Here’s how we’re taking big steps towards the successful outcomes we desire:

  • We’re supporting over 1,350 members in our two communities, the Family Support Community and Professional Learning Community.
  • We’re launching our first joint learning experience, Research to Practice: Digging into the Evidence, for members of our Hearing First Communities, with additional learning experiences on the way.
  • We’re reaching out and engaging with over 41,000 combined followers on Facebook and Instagram, the social platforms where families hang out the most.

Learning the Art of Multitasking

If your child is in the twos, you’ve probably seen them attempt and maybe even succeed at doing multiple things at once such as carrying armloads of toys while walking, or talking to you while coloring. That’s because their brain is learning the ability to multitask. Multitasking is something Hearing First knows well. Because our organization is modeled around Awareness, Education and Community, we’re striving to achieve our goals in multiple ways:

  • Increasing social awareness of LSL through our digital ecosystem, blog and social spaces
  • Launching learning experiences to provide educational growth opportunities and empower change
  • Continuing the creation of high-quality LSL content and engagement in our communities

Increasing Problem-Solving Skills

As a parent, you might start to see your child’s ‘wheels’ turning during the Terrific Twos - listening, thinking and trying new ways of approaching everything in their world. That’s because this age is defined by the development of problem-solving skills. Your child is looking at creative and innovative ways to tackle tasks instead of doing things the way they’ve always been done, and so are we! To help solve challenges such as increase Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) awareness, we’re expanding our interactive digital spaces and looking to the insights of families and professionals to improve what we do, meet their unique needs and expand opportunities for better outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Developing Perseverance

Children of this age group not only begin to learn new skills through active discovery, but they also develop the perseverance it takes to move barriers, overcome challenges and keep moving forward. While we’ve encountered unexpected twists and turns along the way, Hearing First is persevering to provide a first-class organization that promotes LSL and supports families and professionals on their journey to help children with hearing loss learn to listen and talk.

Two is an exciting age for any child or organization. Join us in this grand adventure to share with others on the LSL journey and experience the joys of being a Terrific Two with one to grow on!

LSL Day by Day, "Hearing First" | LSL journey, early brain development

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