Get Growing! 18 LSL Goals for Parents in 2018

By Hearing First Team January 26, 2018

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, Celebrate LSL

It’s a brand new year and a great reminder that this could be your best year yet as a parent on the LSL journey! Planning and setting goals for the new year not only provides you with an intentional road map for listening, talking and learning opportunities, but it helps you reflect along the way and keep the big picture in mind. Read below for a detailed list of the 18 goals we invite you to set for yourself to help your child with hearing loss reach their full listening and spoken language potential in 2018!

  1. Connect with Another Parent on the LSL Journey. One easy way to find friends on similar LSL paths is using the LSL Friend Finder tool in the Family Support Community! Just fill out a quick profile and the platform will match you with other members with shared experiences, backgrounds and interests!

  2. Step Out and Share Your Story. Whether it be a celebration, challenge, or a glimpse into what your LSL journey looks like, engage with the Family Support Community! There’s no reason to go it alone when you have members waiting to share, support, and learn with you!

  3. Invest a Few Hours a Month to Read and Learn. Ask yourself, “What resources such as blog posts or books are on my list to review or read in 2018 to help me learn more for my LSL journey?” Go back and review your favorite blog posts and resources, or make a list of your top books to read. Tip: look through the Hearing First LSL Day by Day blog posts and use an app such as GoodReads to keep track of the books you’d like to read this year.

  4. Join a Hearing First Learning Experience. Through an array of interactive online learning experiences, members of the Hearing First Communities can engage to advance their knowledge, increase their understanding and connect with fellow learners along the way. Join your community to hear about upcoming learning experiences!

  5. Reflect and Realign Your Daily Habits. Take a day to review your use of LSL strategies in your day-to-day routines and make a note of what’s working, what you’d like to adjust or what you can improve on. “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience.” - John Dewey

  6. Plan a Family Nature Walk in a Local or National Park. Remember, your child with hearing loss can obtain a Free Lifetime Pass from the National Park Service!

  7. Join in on the Fun. Join your child in one of their favorite physical activities once a week. Whether it’s playing a sport, riding bikes or climbing a tree, you can make the most out of listening and language while exercising and spending quality time!

  8. Volunteer as a Family. Not only does volunteering help your little one cultivate gratitude, but it also opens the door for conversation with others in the community.

  9. Cook Dinner Together. Remember to read instructions out loud and talk through the cooking process to make the most of the listening and language opportunities.

  10. Explore New Words and Descriptors for Familiar Routines. You have 40 million words ready to share and grow your child’s listening brain. Use new words for familiar concepts to discuss how things look, sound and feel to reach their 40 million word count goal!

  11. Start Your Experience Book. Your child’s experience book will build their language now, support ongoing literacy development and will forever remain a cherished book of memories for discussion and reflection.

  12. Look Through a Different Lens. Review video clips of your child, in order, from the past 1+ years. Celebrate listening and language progress and identify next steps on the journey.

  13. Tune Your Expectations. Is your child’s speech clear to family and friends? Remember that your child needs to hear at the top of the audiology string bean to have the best speech possible. Talk to your audiologist and SLP if you have questions.

  14. Trust (and Act On) Your Instincts. You are the expert on your child. If you have concerns or feel your child’s not hearing adequately, make an appointment with your audiologist or appropriate medical team member.

  15. Ask More Questions In the Community. As parents of children with hearing loss, we are always learning. Our collective wisdom is our most powerful asset. Ask your questions in the Family Support Community and learn from other members who have navigated the LSL journey.

  16. Share the Journey. Invite a family member or friend to attend audiology or intervention appointments with you. Their involvement makes the LSL journey better together.

  17. Read 15+ Minutes a Day. Your child has the potential to develop literacy skills on par with their hearing peers. Reading books aloud with your child for at least 15 minutes a day will build the listening and reading connection for a lifetime of literacy and academic success!

  18. Give Yourself a 10 Second Wait Time. Your child has a lot of listening, processing and thinking to do before responding to your question. See what they can do in those 10 seconds.

No matter which goal you might be working on at the time, it’s important to remember to have fun! Your child learns best by listening, learning and having discussions with you about daily routines, sharing books and enjoying their favorite activities, so make sure you both are enjoying the LSL journey, one moment at a time.

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, Celebrate LSL

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