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How Five Minutes can Power Your Child’s Potential for Listening, Talking, and Reading

By Hearing First TeamOctober 10, 2018

LSL Day by Day | LSL outcomes, parent advice, daily routines, LSL strategies, LSL techniques, early brain development, listening and spoken language

The simple morning routine known as Take Five can set the stage for a lifetime of listening, reading and talking!

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Celebrating Turning Terrific Two!

By Hearing First TeamOctober 5, 2017

LSL Day by Day, "Hearing First" | LSL journey, early brain development

Hearing First is turning two this month, and we’re feeling the same growth and developmental milestones that most two-year-olds experience in this character-defining time. Read along to learn about the often forgotten positives of the “Terrific Twos” and how our organization can relate to these characteristics!

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Riddle Me This! Scavenger Hunt Clues for Your LSL Strategy

By Hearing First TeamMay 22, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, LSL outcomes, early brain development, Celebrate LSL

It may not seem like implementing LSL strategies is all fun and games, but you can include your fair share of entertaining activities into your daily routine to help your child with hearing loss learn to listen and talk. Read along and download our printable age-appropriate LSL scavenger hunt clues you can use to create an engaging game that helps your little learner listen, read, speak and seek!

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Travel Talk #2: Keeping Hearing Technology On

By Hearing First TeamSeptember 14, 2016

LSL Day by Day | parent advice, early brain development, LSL strategies, hearing technology, Celebrate LSL

In the second post of our Travel Talk blog series, we talk about ways to encourage your child to keep their hearing technology on while traveling.

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Travel Talk: Maximizing Listening and Language in the Car and Beyond!

By Hearing First TeamAugust 30, 2016

LSL Day by Day | parent advice, early brain development, LSL strategies, Celebrate LSL

Time spent traveling provides the perfect opportunity to expand your child’s vocabulary.

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Transitions: The Path to Preschool

By Hearing First TeamJuly 19, 2016

Celebrate LSL, News & Events | LSL plan, Children With Hearing Loss, early brain development, listening and spoken language, parent advice, Parent Outcomes

The first in a series about the LSL journey and transitioning your child who is deaf or hard of hearing from early intervention to early education.

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Baby Talk for Better Language Development

By Hearing First TeamJune 23, 2016

Connected Learning, "Hearing First" | LSL outcomes, LSL strategies, LSL techniques, Children With Hearing Loss, connected learner, daily routines, early brain development, listening and spoken language, Literacy Skills, parent advice, Parent Outcomes, Road to Literacy, serve and return, Celebrate LSL

Want your little one to master more words? Try one-on-one baby talk!

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The Sweetest Stories Come from Dad

By Hearing First TeamJune 22, 2016

"Hearing First", LSL Intervention Practice | LSL outcomes, LSL strategies, Children With Hearing Loss, daily routines, early brain development, parent advice

Bonding over bedtime stories for little language learners

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How to Make Your Own Flap Book

By Hearing First TeamJune 11, 2016

"Hearing First", LSL Intervention Practice | LSL strategies, LSL techniques, Children's Books, connected learning, daily routines, early brain development, parent advice, Reading Aloud, Road to Literacy

Creating your own flap book is an easy way to keep your little one engaged in early literacy.

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Development of Humor

By Hearing First TeamApril 5, 2016

Connected Learning, "Hearing First", LSL Day by Day | LSL plan, LSL strategies, LSL techniques, daily routines, early brain development, hearing testing, newborn hearing screening, parent advice

Our brains are wired to experience pleasure when we laugh. With April Fools in our rearview mirror it’s the perfect time to talk about your child’s developing sense of humor.

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