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Development of Humor

By Hearing First TeamApril 5, 2016

Connected Learning, "Hearing First", LSL Day by Day | LSL plan, LSL strategies, LSL techniques, daily routines, early brain development, hearing testing, newborn hearing screening, parent advice

Our brains are wired to experience pleasure when we laugh. With April Fools in our rearview mirror it’s the perfect time to talk about your child’s developing sense of humor.

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The Results Are In: Learn What to do After a Newborn Hearing Screening

By Hearing First TeamNovember 5, 2015

"Hearing First" | listening and spoken language, LSL outcomes, hearing technology, parent advice, newborn hearing screening, hearing testing

97% of all newborn babies in the U.S. receive a hearing screening — but most expecting parents don’t understand how essential this test is to their baby’s future. Hearing loss is the single most common birth anomaly, yet it’s rarely on our radar. Learn what to do if your baby has failed their newborn hearing screening.

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