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10 Minute Challenge for LSL Professionals

By Hearing First TeamJanuary 4, 2017

Connected Learning | professional learning community, professional advice, professional home, professional learning network, LSL plan

Even a little bit of daily progress adds up. As LSL professionals, that’s the motto that we’re holding firm to as we kick off the new year with new goals, milestones and opportunities to enhance our LSL practice. Learn how we’re using technology to grow and gain knowledge in just 10 minutes each day. 

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Audiology Fruit and the String Bean

By Hearing First TeamApril 28, 2016

"Hearing First", LSL Intervention Practice | LSL techniques, Children With Hearing Loss, community of practice, Hearing Status, hearing technology, professional advice, professional home, professional perspective, Celebrate LSL

When your baby’s hearing is tested, the results are presented in the form of a graph known as an audiogram. 

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The Theory Behind Mastering LSL Knowledge

By Hearing First TeamApril 26, 2016

LSL Day by Day, LSL Intervention Practice | LSL strategies, listening and spoken language, parent-professional partnerships, parent advice, professional advice, professional home, professional perspective

(PKM Series: Part 2 of 4) Personal Knowledge Mastery is a model for managing information and maximizing your personal growth in the Listening and Spoken Language world. Learn what you need to master all the knowledge available in the digital space, and discover why this learning model can help you improve the lives of children with hearing loss.

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Connected Learning: Improving LSL Outcomes, Part 1

By Hearing First TeamNovember 2, 2015

Connected Learning | listening and spoken language, LSL outcomes, powering potential, professional perspective, connected learning, professional learning community, community of practice, learning community, professional home

Online communities and learning networks can provide ideas and answers, reduce isolation, and give “just in time” access to knowledge and opportunities for collaboration. Learn why the Hearing First team chose digital tools to equip parents and professionals — and see what Connected Learning can offer the LSL community.

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