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How to Be Your Child's LSL Superhero

By Hearing First TeamApril 25, 2017

LSL Day by Day | LSL strategies, daily routines, serve and return

Today is National Superhero Day! Children can have all kinds of superheroes from their favorite sports player, celebrity or singer to a fictional superhero character. But the real superhero in their life is YOU as you live Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) every day.

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Baby Talk for Better Language Development

By Hearing First TeamJune 23, 2016

Connected Learning, "Hearing First" | LSL outcomes, LSL strategies, LSL techniques, Children With Hearing Loss, connected learner, daily routines, early brain development, listening and spoken language, Literacy Skills, parent advice, Parent Outcomes, Road to Literacy, serve and return, Celebrate LSL

Want your little one to master more words? Try one-on-one baby talk!

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Serve and Return

By Hearing First TeamMarch 8, 2016

"Hearing First", News & Events | LSL plan, LSL strategies, LSL techniques, Children With Hearing Loss, early brain development, listening and spoken language, parent advice, serve and return

Serve and return is a foundation of a good tennis match, but what does it have to do with communicating with your child? More than you might think! Learn why this communication technique is crucial in early brain development among babies.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Grow Your Baby’s Hearing Brain

By Hearing First TeamNovember 19, 2015

LSL Day by Day | listening and spoken language, LSL outcomes, LSL journey, early brain development, serve and return

Get a family-friendly infographic that illustrates the importance of early hearing experiences for brain development.

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